Sunday, July 6, 2008

What is our classmate's Profession ?

Azman Harun - Businessman
Muhammad Aman - Businessman
Faridah Zainal - Meteorological officer
Norashikin Yusof - Dentist
Tahir Othman - Drama Producer
Fauziah Maarof - Lecturer
Zaharuddin Bahau - Businessman
Ghaffar baba - Electrical Engineer
Ghizan Salleh - Lecturer Phd.
Ahmad reza - Businessman
Ibrahim Jantan - Lecturer Phd.
Lee meow choon - Teacher
Othman majid - Electrical Engineer
Norizan Esa - Lecturer Phd.
Nordin Shariff - Pensioner
Shamsiah Mohamed - Lecturer
Zakaria Md Nor - Administrator
Othman Jais - Teacher
Yusof Selamat - Army Lt. (Rtd.) Rtd.-Retired not Retarded :)
Saabana Sarijan - Financial Consultant
Nahariyah - Teacher
Chuah - Engineer
Syed Salleh - Lecturer Phd.
Murtaza Musa - Computer Analyst
Iqbal Husin - Lecturer Phd.
Sawiyah - Business woman
Me - Civil Engineer

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