Monday, July 28, 2008

Closeup inside bus, trip to KL 20-6-1975

I feel there was a sense of camaraderie among us boys in 5E1 during that time. There were always goodwill and lighthearted rapport between us friends and this comradeship lasted for only two years. After MCE, and after our camping trips to Pulau Besar and Port Dickson we all went our separate ways, and most of us have not met until now. What a long 30 years wait for some of us! We don't feel fragile and vulnerable when we were young, but when reaching 5o, whatever age left now is a bonus!

In fact yesterday i received an sms from Ahmad Ridza informing that one of our former classmate from High School Muar had passed away due to heart attack in Temerloh. Fauzi Salim was a likeable and pleasant guy from Muar. We used to play football together during school days and he would be the Manager, arranging football matches against other teams. On weekends, friends would meet up at his place and lepak. To us his house was the centre of the universe! He was a chubby chap at that time and still overweight when he graduated from UPM (Those from our batch in UPM would know him). My condolences to his family. He was only 50.

AlFatiha to arwah Fauzi Salim, semuga roh beliau di rahmati Allah. Amin.

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