Sunday, July 6, 2008


Remember the song by Donny Osmond? Incidentally, the Osmonds made a memory trip show in Genting Highland's Arena of Stars last few weeks. Not my cup of tea, though.

I will not recap the 'touchy' subject for now, maybe i will write about it if i have the mood later on. Some might object, but let us see it in a different light and see humour in it. We were in our teenage years, and things were moving very fast at that time. The junior look upon their senior as big brother, so of course interactions and close proximity (!) led to feelings and puppy love. But many puppy loves grew into real love later on, and some of those couples are happily married now. My younger brother is a good example.

The handsome guys in our class sure have lots of old stories to tell...........
Our girls too have many secrets to divulge............

Maybe you can go down memory lane, penned it and emailed to me.
It will surely be a nice bedtime story for your children to read in this blog !
(and hope your wife/husband is not the ultra jealous type ! he he)

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joe said...

Yes, the handsome guys and cute looking girls, out out with your stories.