Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inside Mrs Tan's house, Kluang 5-12-1975

Picture taken 5-12-1975. Most photos were taken by Lee Meow Choon. He had a Seagull China made camera and shoots decent photos. Colour photography was very expensive and not many can afford colour film then. Nowadays films are outdated and we have 10 megapixel LCD cameras. How times are changing.....(Bob Dylan's song).

Lee Meow Choon was the president of our photography club and we developed and printed our own black and white photos. We have our own darkroom in SMSJ.

From left, Chuah, Muhammad Aman, Othman, Tahir, Bahau, Norizan (hair covered) and me looking at Mrs Tan's photo album. I think she took maternity leave at that time. I remember she has to cover many biology syllabus in record time as she was expecting her first child, a few weeks before MCE. I did score a distinction in Biology (almost all of us did), but actually was never interested in that subject (except for the birds and the bees!) hehe

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