Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ayub Sayubi@sawabi @ Cameron Highlands

Remember Ayub Sayubi@sawabi from 5M2 1975? He is now operating a clinic at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands known as :

Klinik Ayob Sawabi

No. 50 Jalan Besar Tanah Rata, Tanah Rata 39000, Pahang

Tel: 05-4911654

Not only he a successful medical practitioner, Dr Ayub also has a company (Ayub Resources), doing rental of apartments, houses and bungalows in Cameron Highlands. So if you are stuck in Cameron Highlands in the middle of the night, and freezing to death without any accommodations, do contact Dr Ayub at
012 5059220 or 05 4911654. Be sure to say that you are a Sajohan and I am sure he will give you a hefty discount (sorry, no free lunch in this business!)

Read a review here of a satisfied customer.

I am not in any way involve in his business and just doing a good deed promoting a fellow Sajohan!


kisahkitaberdua said...

cmne law nk apply keje kt klinik nie..

kisahkitaberdua said...

nk apply keje kt klinik ayob nie..