Friday, April 15, 2011

Dulu dan Sekarang Kheriah Ariff 5E2 1975

Salam Saudara Z,
Had been reading some of the interesting articles u had posted on the blog... they sure brought back nostalgic memories of the days we spent at SMSJ, which are now long gone.
Anyway, i thought that i'd send u a photo of me for the 'Dulu dan Sekarang' section... as i haven't seen/met up with many from the Class of 1975 Sajohans, since we left school more than 35 years ago!
As for me, i am doing fine - i am now a lady of leisure after my retirement, and i do keep in touch via email occasionally with a few former classmates of mine like Hamzah, Rashid and Rahmah but have lost contact with the others.
Warm regards and Wsalam.
Kheriah Arif


Z said...

Kheriah, send me a better picture. This one is so blurry..........

Z said...

ok thanks for the super clear picture, but we can't see your eyes!!HeHe

1958sim said...

hi kheriah

remember the little boy next to shamsinar ..