Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Flicker, Myspace....

What would we do in this day and age without the Internet?? In today’s world the Internet has gained a lot of importance and most people can’t survive even a day without it. With social networking sites springing up everywhere, the Internet is helping people keep in touch with friends and family as well as get in touch with people they know.

In the early 90's and earlier, there was no problem going anywhere without getting connected. Nowadays, if you leave your handphone at home, it is like losing a limb. The world is getting smaller and borderless.

This blog was created basically to keep in touch with old friends. The motto of this blog sums it all up- 'where we share together the joy, sorrow, hardship, elation, ecstasy, happiness, jubilation, bliss and euphoria of growing up with the surrounding comfort of new friends from diverse backgrounds.

Through all these, we bonded together but over time, the bond had loosened, or even broken, as each went their separate ways. Now, in our twilight years, this blog is an attempt to rebuild the bridge.'

I have received many comments in this blog from former and anonymous friends, especially after a certain nostalgic article. It seems many alumni of SMSJ bumped into this blog when they search some information about their former school. Some leave their comments after a certain writeup.

Reading new comments in Blog's past writeup is not that easy. Owners of Blogs will know what i mean. Some leave their email address and hand phone numbers in the comment section of a certain writeup. Only after reviewing past comments will i be able to pickup the new addresses of friends, and that will take months, or when i feel like doing it; which ever comes first.

Anyhow, i have a few discussions with some old friends and we decided to have a database of friends in this blog. Off course with many people connected to Facebook, Blogs are getting ancient. Facebook has it's role but nothing beats the old Blog when you need to penned up some long thoughts. Blogs are also easier to read and maintain.

During the recent Annual Dinner at Tiara Golf Resort on the 23rd of April 2011, there was a festive mood among the 80's batch. We can see that they were so happy meeting fellow Sajohans among their batch. In term of attendance, there were only a handful from batch 1975 and 1976.

For batch MCE 1975, i have the hand phone number of everyone except Chuah Meng Poh. The numbers from the other '75 classes are few. If we can contact other friends in batch '75, I am sure more will attend the next gathering in a year's time, insyallah.

So if you have hand phone number of friends in batch '75, please email to me:


(8885 is my phone and car number, so please honk if you see me!!)

Cheers and have a nice day wherever you are.

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