Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5E1 1975

Front row left to right,
Nordin,Fauziah,Syed Salleh,HM, Paul Francis,Norashikin,Murtaza,Faridah

Middle row left to right,
Ghaffar,Saabana,Azman,Othman,Shamsiah,Norizan,Nahariyah,Sawiyah,Zakaria,Tahir,Lee Meow Choon

Back row left to right,
Osman,Zainuddin,Chuah Meng Poh,Ahmad Reza,Zaharuddin,Iqbal,Ibrahim,Ghizan,Yusof,Muhammad Aman

5E2 1975

Back row left to right
Bakar burn (01231150780, rashid, yusof Hamid, Ahmad Aban(Allahyarham), Norzaihan (0163113896) Arip kasmo (0173164928), Muhammad Bakar, Razak Kahar, yaakob Hitam (0122122356), Saadon, Shamsuddin, Zakaria(Allahyarham)

Centre row left to right
Rosli Majid (0178760285), Sim, Shamsinar, Fariza, Favira, Hasnah, Khairiah, Halina khamsan, Maat Sadari(Allahyarham), Yazid Atan (0178899861), Teo

Front row left to right
Rahim, Paridah, Hamzah Harith (0192189141), HM, Form teacher, Yahya, Rahmah, Aris

5M1 1975

5M1 1975 Standing Left to right (back row) Ruslan Md Din, Arfan Omar(0196690089), Hashim Dol, Mohd Nasir(0196284874), Ismail Samad, Ibrahim Md Mokti(0127666007), Dahlan, Ab Halim, Idris Takyan(0122950659), Paimin Kasimon(019385495), Shamsudin, Amran Makmur, Raya, Razali (allahyarham), Azmi Ab Rahman, Rashid (allahyarham), Nur Muhamad Ujang. Middle row Mohd Shah Mohd Said(0192793282), Roslan Adam(0126231058), Leong, Dolah, Rabiah, Zaiton, Zaidah A Bakar(0197120649), Jamadiah Samad, Norliah, Zainah Jidon, Mustafa, Ab Rahman Madon, Osman, Ab Rahman Md Said seated front row Ibrahim Taat,guru guru,Latifah Sajari

5M2 1975

Front row (left to right)


2. ADIBAH MOKHTAR(0192130258)


4. HM



7. OMAR EMRAN(0127750531)

8. MAIMUNAH MD. SAID(0197545945)

Middle row (left to right)


2. AYOB SAYUBI(0125059220)








Back row (left to right)



3. AHMAD NIZAR EMBI(0149218754)








11. IDRIS KAPARAWI(0177420015)

Missing Persons
Calling former students 5M2 1975,
Please contact Idris Kaparawi 072232850/0177420015 or call me 0136969033
Khamsiah Seth

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome Mr Chua Meng Poh

At last we got our last guy! After 36 years every one of class 5E1 1975 SMSJ is contactable via our class roll in this blog. Thank you Ahmad Ridza Bahari for bringing in Chua Meng Poh.

Welcome on board, Chua! No man is an island. Please leave your contact number with anyone of us here and we will paste it in the blog. You are not far off in Singapore compared to Iqbal (Canada), Murtaza (USA), and Syed Salleh (UK), so there will be no problem for you to join in any of Sajoha's gathering in future.

Although you are a Singaporean now, your roots are still in Muar, Johor so do contact us when you balik kampong!


This email from Ahmad Ridza Bahari:

-------- Original message --------
Subject: FW: How're bro?
From: MP Chua
To: Ahmed Ridza Bukhari

Hi Ahmed Ridza Bukhari,


I saw the 5E1 class group photo (1975) from the blog, your were just standing on my left. It is a pleasure to hear from you and learn from the blog that most of our ex-classmates in Malaysia are doing fine. I am now a Singaporean, I prefer to live in a casual life with a happy family, my wife and 3 lovely daughters. I do what I like such as active in sport for healthy live (playing badminton regularly and learn latin dance), and work more than 22 years on current job as engineer that can earn a decent living.


To maintain this pleasant lifestyle spending more time with my family, I refuse to have facebook account. You may contact me via email.


Best regards….MP Chua.


-----Original Message-----
From: Ridzameriam [mailto:ridzameriam@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, 05 December, 2011 8:50 PM
To: mengpoh@pacific.net.sg
Subject: How're bro?


Saw u & few of ex-smsj guys@Singapore from KC Wong fb on July 2009.Pls email to me ur contact no..My fb under Ahmad Ridza Bukhari.Our classmates all in www.5e1-smsj-1975.blogspot.com created by Zainuddin Omar.

Sent from Samsung tablet

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Flicker, Myspace....

What would we do in this day and age without the Internet?? In today’s world the Internet has gained a lot of importance and most people can’t survive even a day without it. With social networking sites springing up everywhere, the Internet is helping people keep in touch with friends and family as well as get in touch with people they know.

In the early 90's and earlier, there was no problem going anywhere without getting connected. Nowadays, if you leave your handphone at home, it is like losing a limb. The world is getting smaller and borderless.

This blog was created basically to keep in touch with old friends. The motto of this blog sums it all up- 'where we share together the joy, sorrow, hardship, elation, ecstasy, happiness, jubilation, bliss and euphoria of growing up with the surrounding comfort of new friends from diverse backgrounds.

Through all these, we bonded together but over time, the bond had loosened, or even broken, as each went their separate ways. Now, in our twilight years, this blog is an attempt to rebuild the bridge.'

I have received many comments in this blog from former and anonymous friends, especially after a certain nostalgic article. It seems many alumni of SMSJ bumped into this blog when they search some information about their former school. Some leave their comments after a certain writeup.

Reading new comments in Blog's past writeup is not that easy. Owners of Blogs will know what i mean. Some leave their email address and hand phone numbers in the comment section of a certain writeup. Only after reviewing past comments will i be able to pickup the new addresses of friends, and that will take months, or when i feel like doing it; which ever comes first.

Anyhow, i have a few discussions with some old friends and we decided to have a database of friends in this blog. Off course with many people connected to Facebook, Blogs are getting ancient. Facebook has it's role but nothing beats the old Blog when you need to penned up some long thoughts. Blogs are also easier to read and maintain.

During the recent Annual Dinner at Tiara Golf Resort on the 23rd of April 2011, there was a festive mood among the 80's batch. We can see that they were so happy meeting fellow Sajohans among their batch. In term of attendance, there were only a handful from batch 1975 and 1976.

For batch MCE 1975, i have the hand phone number of everyone except Chuah Meng Poh. The numbers from the other '75 classes are few. If we can contact other friends in batch '75, I am sure more will attend the next gathering in a year's time, insyallah.

So if you have hand phone number of friends in batch '75, please email to me:


(8885 is my phone and car number, so please honk if you see me!!)

Cheers and have a nice day wherever you are.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yunos Dahlan Rugby coach 1975 Dulu dan sekarang

Zaiton Abdullah 5M2 1975 Dulu dan Sekarang

Maimunah Md Said 5M2 1975 Dulu dan Sekarang

Rabiah Bidin 5M1 1975 Dulu dan Sekarang

Raya Sharif 5M1 1975 Dulu dan Sekarang

Dulu dan Sekarang Arpan Omar 5M1 1975

Dulu dan Sekarang Nizar Embi 5M2 1975

Dulu dan Sekarang Kheriah Ariff 5E2 1975

Salam Saudara Z,
Had been reading some of the interesting articles u had posted on the blog... they sure brought back nostalgic memories of the days we spent at SMSJ, which are now long gone.
Anyway, i thought that i'd send u a photo of me for the 'Dulu dan Sekarang' section... as i haven't seen/met up with many from the Class of 1975 Sajohans, since we left school more than 35 years ago!
As for me, i am doing fine - i am now a lady of leisure after my retirement, and i do keep in touch via email occasionally with a few former classmates of mine like Hamzah, Rashid and Rahmah but have lost contact with the others.
Warm regards and Wsalam.
Kheriah Arif

Friday, August 6, 2010

Doa qunut oleh Imam Sudais di Masjidil Haram

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan kepada semua kenalan kenalan, semoga kita menghayati bulan yang penuh rahmat ini. Kepada sesiapa yang pernah ber-ramadhan di Mekah pada sepuluh hari terakhir, pasti akan mendengar doa qunut yang dibaca oleh Imam Sudais.

Ramai yang menangis tersedu sedu terutama yang berbangsa Arab kerana mereka menghayati doa yang dibaca oleh imam sudais. Lihat video youtube dan hayati makna doa itu...........

Monday, July 26, 2010

Salary in the UK

Some lament about the FDI. Some scream about Malay Supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu). Others worry about what T-shirt or jersey we wear. There are those who would like all Malays absorbed into just one political party for the sake of ‘Malay unity’ -- and so on and so forth. But all these people overlook one important thing -- and that is the quality of life in Malaysia and what your Ringgit can buy.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The average price of houses in the UK is roughly RM700,000. This is based on the nation-wide house prices although in some instances you could be looking at millions depending on locality and type of house. But a ‘working man’ would need to fork out RM500,000-600,000 for a decent British home, unless you live in London.

The minimum wage is now about RM30 per hour (based on a rate of exchange of 5:1). This will be going up in October. Yet the British complain that this minimum wage just can’t meet the cost of living.

In Malaysia there is no minimum wage. In spite of the campaign by the opposition and civil society movements since the 1990s, the government still refuses to set a minimum wage. Today, the minimum wage has to be at least RM1,800 per month to make it possible for Malaysians to live a decent life.

In the UK, the lower-rung income earners bring in about RM4,500-5,500 per month. A skilled worker earns about RM8,000-10,000 per month. The higher-income bracket earns about RM15,000-25,000 per month. Of course, with overtime thrown in, most hourly-waged employees can see an additional RM2,000-3,000 per month.

But what is the cost of living in the UK?

You would need to set aside about RM2,500 per month either for house rental or for your housing loan repayments, unless you are living in a council house. Your utilities and groceries would take away another RM2,500 per month, at the most. So about RM5,000 per month is gone just to survive. But if both husband and wife (or housemate/civil partner) work, then the cost sharing makes it very affordable (two can live cheaper than one).

Now compare this to Malaysia. Can we say the same for the Malaysian worker? A full cart of groceries in Malaysia will cost you about RM500-600. It costs only RM300-400 for a full cart of groceries in the UK. But the salaries in the UK are eight to ten times higher than in Malaysia.

The basic pay for a security guard in Malaysia is about RM800 per month. In the UK, the basic pay for a security guard is about RM8,000. The Malaysian security guard can’t survive on RM800 per month. The UK security guard needs only RM5,000 per month to survive.

Anyway, I have written about this many times before. And this is what Malaysians need to focus on -- not on whether it is right to wear certain football jerseys.


Minimum wage to rise by 2%: but increase dwarfed by inflation

By Stephen Hunt, 22nd June 2010

The minimum wage for adults in the UK will increase to £5.93 in October, a rise of 13p, or 2%, the government has announced. The change is the result of a recommendation by the Low Pay Commission, which has been rubber-stamped by the government.

Working adults are not the only beneficiaries of the increase - 21 year olds will now receive at least the full adult minimum wage, whereas only people aged over 22 years were previously eligible.

Also unveiled were smaller percentage increases to the minimum wages for other age brackets - 18-20 year olds get 9p extra, while 16 and 17 year olds earning the minimum wage will enjoy 7p more. Furthermore, a minimum wage for apprentices has also been implemented.

The changes were well received by the TUC, it said: "The minimum wage has been a great success, and if this announcement means that this is an area that will see continuity rather than change it will win wide support."

This is in spite of the percentage rise of 2% falling well below that stipulated by the retail price index of inflation, an indicator of pay rises, which for May was as high as 5.1%

Edward Davey, Minister for Employment Relations, claimed that the rise "will strike a balance between helping the lowest paid whilst at the same time not jeopardising their employment."

The rise in the national minimum wage was however incongruous with the "London Living Wage", which rose by over a percent more to £7.85. Mayor of London Boris Johnson underlined that the increase was necessary to give people ample incentive to work.


What is the Average Salary in the UK?

While there are several different factors that contribute to an employees’ salary, the average salary in the UK is considered to be £25,800 for full-time employees in the United Kingdom. This number is available from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earning report issues in November, 2009, by Office of National Statistics in the United Kingdom. The average salary in the UK was determined through a survey of working professionals in the UK, but primarily focused on government employees and other similar professions. When converted to dollars, the average salary in the UK is around $41,700 based on the current average rate of conversion.

Of course, there are varying fluctuations in the rate of pay for certain employees based on their profession, their level of education, and the amount of experience they have in their given profession. As for the profession, the highest paid jobs in Britain according to this survey was Chief Executives and Directors of businesses. They raked in around £115,576. The service industry saw the worst average salaries in the country, pulling in £11,930 annually, although it was unclear whether or not this includes tips and gratuity if the job allows for it. Most waiters and waitresses will typically get between 10 and 12 percent from customers depending on the type of establishment they are employed at.

The average salary in the UK has risen steadily over the past several years according to the report this data was drawn from, but the number of jobs has dramatically decreased. Those who are employed are being paid better, but there are fewer jobs for people to get. According to the report, the average salary increase of around 2.8 percent for those working in the public sector, and only 0.8 percent in the private sector. The private sector is estimated at losing over 2,000 jobs daily in the UK.

The Best Salaries in the UK

Sure, we know that Chief Executives and Directors make the most in the UK, but what are some of the other high average salary jobs in the UK. Since the report by the Office of National Statistics, covered around 300 different professions, we can easily examine what the highest paying jobs are, what the lowest are, and where those in the middle fall. Here are the best salary jobs in the UK.

* Medical Practitioner and other Health Professionals - This job is high paying in almost every country you visit. The health care field is one of the highest paid fields in the UK, with average salaries ranging between £60,866 and £78,366.

* Senior Officials and Corporate Managers - Highly similar to the Chief Executives, only in a reduced function, Senior Officials and Corporate Manages make an average salary of between £85,000 and £86,000 a year.

* Brokers - Brokers help people to buy and sell stocks, futures, bonds, and other types of investment options. The average salary of a Broker in the UK is around £61,117, but it is not stated if this includes commissions and bonuses.

* Government Figures - While this may seem like commonplace, the senior officials in National Government make around £68,283 in the UK.

The Worst Salaries in the UK

Like in most countries, the service industry typically pulls in the worst annual salary, and the UK is not different. While it is already known that waiters and waitresses pull in the worst annual salary, who else is at the bottom of the Office of National Statistic's report? Let's take a look at the four worst paying jobs in the UK.

* Bar Staff - This can include bar backs, dishwashers, bartenders, and bar maids. Their average salary is around £12,184, but it does not say whether or not this includes any gratuity they may get through the job.

* Tour and Travel Guides - This includes people who offer guided tours of historic areas to tourists and visitors and those who help to make arrangements for those staying in the UK. This job, while it does sound like fun to many, only has an average salary of around £23,561.

* Hairdressers - Hairdressers and those in a related or highly similar position make an average salary of around £13,194. This is about the average, since many in this type of career does make some type of gratuity.

* The Cashier - Your standard retail store cashier and similar job titles make a very meager salary in the UK of around £12,736.



UK Average Salaries & Expenditures http://www.worldsalaries.org/uk.shtml