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Another of our classmate in UPM - Ghizan Salleh

Prof. Dr. Ghizan Saleh
Email: ghizan@agri.upm.edu.my
Tel: +603-8946 4169/4170/6993
Fax: +603-8946 4151

Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics


1. Bachelor, Agriculture Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 1981.
2. Master, Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison,USA, 1983.
3. PhD, Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison,USA, 1986.


1. Honorary Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK, 1997.
2. Associate Professor, Department of Crop Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2003.
3. Professor, Department of Crop Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2003.




1. Developement of superior grain maize composites and inbred lines for hybrid variety production, Project Leader, 1988-1995, MPKSN Research Thrust Area, National.
2. Breeding of maize for high yield and quality, Project Leader, 1991-1995, MPKSN, National.
3. Pollination biology and breeding of tropical crops, Project Leader, 1993-1995, MPKSN, National.
4. Collection and evaluation of passion fruit (Passiflora spp) germplasm towards breeding for yield and juice production, Project Leader, 1992-1995, MPKSN, National.
5. Diversity assessment of Passiflora species and varieties using RAPD molecular markers, and developement of transformation protocol, Others, 1996-1997, MPKSN, National.
6. Production of high-yielding groundnut varieties requiring minimum inputs, Others, 1991-1993, MPKSN, National.
7. Developement of superior sweet corn hybrid and composite varieties for yield, quality and adaptation, Project Leader, 1996-2000, IRPA, National.
8. Locational testing of new superior hybrid maize varieties for commercial production, Project Leader, 1998-2002, IRPA, National.
9. Phenotypic mass selection on sweet corn populations and inbred line developement for production of hybrid varieties, Project Leader, 1999-2000, UPM, National.


1. Maize cultivation project, Rural Developement Corporation (KPD), Consultant, 1992-1994, National.
2. Grain Maize cultivation projects, Sabah and Sarawak, and various states in Peninsula Malaysia, Consultant, 1990-1998, National.
3. Maize growing and seed multiplication programmes, Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan Bumiputra Malaysia (GPMM), Consultant, 1998, National.
4. National Grain Maize Growing Programme, Ministry and Department of Agriculture Malaysia, Others, 1999-Present, National.
5. Collaboration in Agriculture Developement, Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia and UPM, Others, 2002-Present, National.
6. Incubator Project on growing of sweet corn in Sungai Udang, Melaka, Jabatan Pertanian Melaka, Others, 2003-2004, National.
7. Maize growing for cattle feedlot purposes, Jemaluang, Mersing, Johor, Jabatan Pertanian dan Jabatan Haiwan Johor, Others, 2003-2004, National.
8. Maize Growing in Shandung Province, China, Pakar Runding UKM Sdn. Bhd, Consultant, 2004-2005, International.
9. Giving promotional lectures and speeches on Agriculture Academic Programmes in UPM to Counselors and potential students, Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry and State Departments of Education, Others, 2004-2005, National.


1. Genetics Society of Malaysia, President, 2003-present.
2. Genetics Society of Malaysia, Vice President, 2000-2003.


1. Asian Grain Legume Network, ICRISAT, Patancheru, India, Cooperator, 1987-1993, International.
2. Legume and Coarse Grain Improvement, UNDP Network, Country Cooperator, 1990-1995, International.
3. Corn Biotechnology Group, SEARCA Consortium, Country Coordinator, 1994-2000, National.
4. Plant Genetics and Breeding, Journal, International Islamic Academy, Consultant, 1992-1998, International.
5. Exchanges and testing of corn germplasm; and performance evaluations and regional trials of potential maize inbred lines, CIMMYT, Research Cooperator, 1997-Present, International.


1. Gold Medal, Innovations and Inventions Competition at PWTC, 7-9 August 2003 for Putra GS-2002 : 'The Improved Sweet Corn (Zea Mays L.) Genotype Developed by Introgression of Exotic Germplasm'., Malaysian Science and Technology Expo, 2003, National.
2. Gold Medal, 'UPM-GS 2000 : Superior and Highly Stable Grain Maize Synthetic'., Exhibitions and Award on Inventions and Research, 2003, National.
3. Gold Medal, 'Improved Sweet Corn Population Developed Through Hybridisation and Selection for Desirable Traits'., Exhibitions and Award on Inventions and Research, UPM, 2003, National.
4. Gold Medal, 'Putra J-58, The Hybrid Maize Variety: Breeding Procedure & Characteristics'., Malaysian Science and Technology Expo, 2002, National.
5. Gold Medal, 'Putra J-58, The Hybrid Maize Variety: Breeding Procedure & Characteristics'., UPM Research and Innovation and Competition, 2002, National.
6. Gold Medal, 'Breeding for Superior Sweet Corn Synthetics Through Mass Selection and Backcrossing'., UPM Research and Innovation and Competition, 2002, National.
7. Best Researcher of the Year Award, Faculty of Agriculture, UPM, 2002, National.
8. Excellent Services Award, UPM, 2004, National.
9. Best Poster Award, poater entitled: Introgression of exotic germplasm to improve elite tropical sweet corn populations., Agriculture Congress, 2004, National.
10. Bronze Medal, Molecular variation among Malaysian Durio species as revealed by PCR-RFLP on two cpDNA regions., Faculty of Agriculture, UPM, 2005, National.


1. Saleh, G.B and E.T. Gritton. 1994. Heritability and gene effects for root characteristics in peas measured at flowering. Euphytica 78 : 185-191, - Journal
2. Sujiprihati, S.S., G.B. Saleh and E.S. Ali.2001. Combining ability analysis of yield and related characters in single cross hybrids of tropical maize (Zea mays L.) . SABRAO J. Breeding and Genetics 33(2) : 111-120, - Journal
3. Saleh, G.B. and A. Daud. 2002. Performance, heterosis and heritability in selected tropical maize single, double and three-way cross hybrids. J. Agri. Sci . Cambridge 138 : 21-28, - Journal
4. Noh, A., N. Rajanaidu, A. Kushairi, Y. Mohd Rafii, A. Mohd Din, Z.A. Mohd Isa and G. Saleh. 2002. Variability in fatty acid composition, iodine value and carotene content in the MPOB oil palm germplasm collection from Angola. J. of Oil Palm Research 14(2) : 18-23, - Journal
5. Saleh, G., S. Sujiprihati and E. S. Ali. 2002. Performance and heterosis in tropical grain maize single cross hybrids. J. Bioscience 13 : 49-62, - Journal
6. Ali, E.S. and G.B. Saleh. 2003. Response of two cycles of phenotypic mass selection and heritability on two tropical sweet corn ( Zea mays L. saccharata) populations. Asian J. Plant Sciences 2(1) : 65-70, - Journal
7. Saleh, G.B., A. Daud and A.R. Anuar. 2003. Effects of location on performance of selected tropical maize hybrids developed in Malaysia. Pertanika J. Trop. Agricultural Sci. 25(2) : 75-86, - Journal
8. Musa, B.B., G.B. Saleh and S.G. Loong. 2004. Genetic variability and heritability in two Deli-Avros breeding populations of the oil palm ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq.). SABRAO J. Breeding & Genetics 36(1) : 65-70, - Journal
9. Min, T.D., G.B. Saleh, R.A. Halim, A.R. Anuar and K. Panjaitan. 2004. Genotype by environment interaction and stability of maize genotypes for grain yield, maturity and harvest index. Malays. Applied Biology 33(2) : 1-6, - Journal
10. Nigussie, M. and Saleh, G. 2005. Genetic improvement for yield and yield related traits by introgressive hybridzation in sweet corn. Korean Journal of Crop Science, 50 : 91-96, - Journal


1. Putra J-58 Maize hybrid variety, Plant Variety, Awarded, National, 1998, Commercialised.


2. Sriani Sujiprihati, PhD, Heterosis, combining ability and yield prediction in hybrids from local maize inbred lines, 1996.
3. Md. Anisur Rahman, PhD, Genetics studies and backcross breeding for shelf life and yield in long bean, 1997.
4. Sirikul Wasee, PhD, Genetics studies in early generation of some agronomic and quality characters of vegetable soybeans, 1997.
5. Eltahir Siddig Ali, PhD, Comparatives response to two cycles of phenotypic mass selection on two sweet corn populations, 2003.
6. Than Da Min, PhD, Stability analyses on performance of selected grain maize genotypes, 2004.
7. Mandefro Nigussie, PhD, Genetics studies and response to S1 progeny and mass selection procedures on sweet corn populations, 2004.
8. Erenso Degu Gutema, PhD, Effects of maternal environment on seed quality of sweet corn, 2002.
9. Abdullah Daud, Masters, Heterosis, heritability and effects of location on selected grain maize hybrids, 1996.
10. Mohd. Rafii Yusop, Masters, Comparison between effects of simple and reciprocal recurrent selections on two sweet corn varieties, 1992.
11. Kamaruhzaman Mat Zin, Masters, Reciprocal recurrent selection on grain corn varieties Suwan and Metro, 1992.


1. Asian Grain Legume Network, ICRISAT, 1987, 72 month(s), International.
2. Legume and Coarse Grain Improvement, RAS 040, UNDP Network, 1990, 60 month(s), International.
3. SEARCA Consortium, Corn Biotechnology Group, 1994, 84 month(s), International.
4. Sciencetific Consultant for Plant Genetics and Breeding, International Islamic Academy of Science, Turkey, 1992, 72 month(s), International.
5. Exchanges and testing of corn germplasm; and performance evaluations and regional trials of potential maize inbred lines and hybrids, International Centre for Wheat and Maize Research, 1997, 108 month(s), International.
6. Advisory Board Member, Pakistan Journal of Agronomy, 2002, 48 month(s), International.
7. Technical Committee, Malaysian Rubber Proceducers Council, 1992, 24 month(s), National.
8. Main Organising Committee Member, and Exhibition Sub-committee Member, The First National Congress on Genetics, 1994, 1 month(s), National.
9. Oil Palm Breeders and Tissue Culturist, MPOB, 1997, 108 month(s), National.
10. National Committee for the Commercial Large Scale Growing of Maize for Animal Feed, Ministry of Agriculture, 1998, 96 month(s), National.
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