Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bus trip 21-6-1975

Ha ha remember this trip? A few more months to D-Day (MCE), and we were still enjoying ourselves! I think it was a trip to Sekolah Alam Shah dated 21-6-1975 and we were on the way back to school.

The alluring and affable Fauziah Kassim, front left, always smiling and bewitching the seniors! The last we heard, she's a headmistress in a school somewhere in Muar. (mesti garang macam rimau sekarang ni, baru anak murid takut!!).

Kak Yut still in dreamland and look dazed. Bahau dengan tuala dibelakang bas, agaknya mandi dalam bas, kot! Iqbal with Miss Yap(?), both were librarian. Miss Yap studied Accountancy and migrated to UK. I did bump into her at Malaysian Hall in one occasion during University days. Ghaffar with the V sign, most probably victory after conquering KL! Syed Salleh, smiling beside Ghaffar has never returned to Malaysia after his studies. Last I heard he is still like Hugh Grant, i.e still a bachelor.

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