Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pocket Money

Those days in SMSJ, food and lodging were almost covered by the government. We were given Biasiswa Kecil Persekutuan, a small miserly sum. I remember my good father giving me Rm 30 a month to sustain for a month. Don't know how my father managed to budget our monthly allowances, as I have 4 other brothers and sister in boarding schools!. Well, Rm 30 was a big sum at that time, and i always kept some balance at the end of the month. With that money, I'll buy some biscuits and other toileteries.

Kawah food to me was very delicious!. I always look forward to lunch and dinner time in SMSJ. Eating together with the boys were enjoyable. Some were very close to the cooks and they always get extra toppings of chicken or fish (Bahau was one of them!) hehe.

Shamsuddin 5E2, our football star was together with us at the dormitary. His father, a policeman opened up a restaurant (Restaurant Antarabangsa) at Air Hitam and was doing a roaring business. Of course every month his father would come around and bring in bags and bags of titbits. So it was always party time every time his parents come a visit. I think the restaurant is still there and managed by Shamsuddin himself. He married SM Salim's daughter(they were in the same Univ. in Canada) but separated a few years later. He remarried later on. Shamsuddin went to Canada with his father's scholarship and graduated with a Bio-chemistry degree. The last time i met Shamsuddin was a few years ago, he is a big hulk then, maybe all the food tasting has taken its toll!

Nowadays Rm 30 pocket money per day is the norm for our grown up kids, especially in KL. How times change!

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