Sunday, July 6, 2008

Musim Demo

Sekarang musim ber-demo, sokong AI, anti AI, sokong Pak Lah, anti Najib, anti sodomi, pro sodomee & Indomee(?) dll. Tapi dulu lagi pelajar Malaysia di UK dah di-indoctrinate untuk menunjuk perasaan secara aman! Gambar di London tahun 1979, peaceful march di Hyde Park.

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joe said...

Wah, very peaceful demonstration ah? Some more can walk walk with policeman. Smiling while people take photo.(Luckily no waving)
The last time I have been to the demonstration was during the reformasi period in 1999. As the word DEMON stration states, the policemen were like maniac thirst for blood. They chased us all over Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. I was with a pack of UPM students. Being young they dragged and ushered me till we reached safety at Bukit Bintang. What a torment!