Friday, July 25, 2008

E-mail from Zakaria, our Rugby Star !

TQ hubungi saya. Lama tak dengar suara .Suara lebih kurang sama. Rupa dan body tak tengok lagi. Anyway seronok tengok blog. Cerita kesah saya tak ingat sebab banyak makan kepala ikan.
Lepas UPM saya jadi cikgu mengajar di SMK Ayer Baloi, Pontian. Kemudian Pengetua di SMK Bandar Tenggara Kulai. Berhijrah ke SM Teknik Kluang dan selalu masuk Ke SM Sains Johor.Bulan mengambang saya ditukarkan Ke Institut Perguruan Teknik, Cheras dan Sekarang jadi Pengarah Bahagian Pengurusan Pendidikan Teknik dan Vokasional Kem Pel. Malaysia, Putrajaya.
Alamat rumah (sewa) xx, Jalan xx/x, Taman Putra Ampang, 68000 Ampang . Jemput rakan-rakan 5E1 datang ke rumah , cal dulu
No Tel : 0127007604 email


azharamin said...

I was redirected to this blog as I monkeying around with Sajoha website. This indeed the best blog related to SMSJ that I encountered. FYI I'm in Form 1 when you guys are taking MCE in 1975. We are one of the previlaged group that has the opportunity to know the pioneer group in SMSJ. When I scan thru the faces, things started to 'fly in' slowly. Trying hard to relate the names and faces.But at any rate we went thru the same cycle of life in the hostel, but of a different scenes and storyline..but the buidling witnesses many bright brain at work. Looking at the boy hostel photo you posted, my immediate recalled was the water that dpouring out from 3rd floor to theground floor due to some 'overflow'in our common toilet. yOu have to manouver yourself around this small 'air terjun'if you want to safely bring your washed clothes safley to the drying area.!
Hmm what an interesting 'scenes' .

Azhar Amin

zack said...

Thanks for 'dropping' by. In my earlier posting, there's a group photo of form 1 to from 5 students,so you can check yourself whether you are inside. I have fond memories in SMSJ, although we were there for only 2 years. But juniors like you spend 5 years of growing up there, so I am sure everything is imprinted permanently inside your memory.