Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At SMS Selangor 10-8-1974

Sorry you have to twist your head a bit. Don't know who's bright idea taking the photo at this angle. Anyhow this photo was taken at SMSS during the inter-boarding school Basketball tournament. Double click the photo to zoom in. I can't remember all the names of our friends here. Maybe you can jog my memory.
Squatting, from left, Ahmad ridza, Adam, and Ahmad Aban. Ahmad Aban from 5e2 is our most famous acrobatic gol keeper in the school's football team. He also represented Kluang in MSSM. Behind Ahmad Aban is Raya. I bumped into him about 15 years ago, and he was still working with Maybank then. Anybody remember the guy on the far right? He was my junior dorm mate from Malay medium and i once visited his father's shop in Pontian during one weekend.

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joe said...

Next to Nordin is Maat Sadari and next to Maat is Mohd. Hassan Adly our senior. Maat passed away in late 1970's. I can't remember who told me that. He was picnicking with his fiancee and family at Sagil waterfall, Tangkak, when he slipped while crossing the stream.His fiancee is our junior. I can't remember who.