Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AJK Persatuan Georaphy 1-10-1974

AJK Persatuan Geografi. Nora, Norizan and me from Form 4E1 were the AJK's. I don't think the persatuan was active then. Cikgu Jalil was our Geograph mentor. Do you remember he asking us young teenagers to do a case study during our Geography lessons? He ask us to do some sort of thesis/project (i still have it until now) during our school holidays. I remember with Ahmad Reza going to the Balai Polis, and 'interrogating' the Police Sargeant on some data. Cikgu Jalil push us like we were Uni students?

Geography was my pet subject, even now i still love to read books and magazines on geography or watch the National Geographic channel.

Standing left, is it Kak Yut's sister? Standing second from right is our Banjar friend, Omar. He was also our imam then. Anybody know where he is now? I heard is a Medical Doctor.

This blog get many hits but our friends out there are very shy to drop comments. Please make this blog lively, as I am spending some time doing it and i would much appreciate if you all can just spend a little bit of your precious time to drop some comments and to jog our memories. I can't remember a lot of details, only of what is written behind the photo.

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