Monday, July 21, 2008

Googling SMSJ

I notice that many visitors to this blog are not former classmates of 5E1 1975, but they are former students of SMSJ. Most came to this site by googling SMSJ and discovering this blog. It seems that not many alumni have their own websites, although some are quite active.

Of course it would be nice if we have an official alumni, but the one here has not been updated since 2007. Gatherings have been organised from year to year in Kluang. So whoever is interested can join up the official school alumni, SAJOHA e-group and be part of a big SMSJ community with former students spanning from year 1975 to 2008.

To me it is not practical to have a big gathering for former students from 1975 to 2008. We would hardly know our juniors beyond 5 years, the most. I would prefer if there is a smaller gathering of former students from 5E1, E2, M1 and M2.

As for myself, I've yet to visit the school since 1976! That is a long time-32 years to be exact! I think Ahmad Ridza and Idris Takyan are quite active in SAJOHA, and they have lots of contact. So if you need to trace any former girlfriends/boyfriends, do contact them. Idris, I think is in Kolej University Islam Malaysia at Nilai.

Here is the list AJK of SAJOHA:

AJK 2005/2006

  • Presiden - Dato' Md Zin B. Hj Hassan Al-Hajj - now in PNB
  • Timbalan Presiden - Mohsien Hj Mohd Sies
  • Naib Presiden I - Ragunath A/P Kesavan - now Deputy President Bar Council
  • Naib Presiden II - Erhanfadli B. Mohd Azrai
  • Setiausaha - Haizad B. Ibrahim
  • Penolong Setiausaha - Noorhan Sham
  • Bendahari - Jailani B. Jasmani - former Arqam ISA detainee, now operating a QS firm
  • Penolong Bendahari - Hazlin Bt. Samion
  • AJK 1 - Rita Hashim
  • AJK 2 - Cpt. Mohd Azhar Aziz
  • AJK 3 - Syahrizal Hj Sadimin
  • AJK 4 - Redzuan Shah B. Yussoff
  • AJK 5 - Adlin Bt. Subli
  • AJK 6 - Zainal Alam B Abd Kadir
  • Juruodit 1 - Ruhaila Kasmani
  • Juruodit 2 - Norhayati Bt. Mohd Noor

Exco Sajoha 2008/2009

Presiden - Nazri (1992)
Timbalan Presiden - Nurhuda Jamal (1983)
Naib Presiden 1 - Muzafar (1987)
Naib Presiden 2 - Khalid Shuib (1996)

Setiausaha - Mohsin Mohd Sies (1983)
Timbalan Setiausaha - Erhanfadli (1997)

Bendahari - Haizad Ibrahim (1993)
Timbalan Bendahari - Azita Tahir (1985)

Ahli Jawatankuasa

Rita Hashim (1981)
Norynn Yusoff (1977)
Aidil Adnan (1995)
Shazman (1994)
Sharul Nazril (2002)
Mohd Seth Buang (1981)

Juruaudit 1 - Haji Sabirin (1979)
Juruaudit 2 - Ahmad Fuad Abu (1983)

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