Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your old signature

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joe said...

My signature did not change much through the years. I add another M.JOE and ended the signature with my mother's nickname, kiah. Somehow the h went missing. So my signature is actually M.JOE, M.JOE and Kiah. IBJ gave me the M denoting for Mee Maggie. Cikgu Kamsan gave me the nickname JOE as my face went red in the afternoon due to the humidity.

Maggie business was good at the time. My parents used to bring packs and packs of maagie during their visits. I closed for business after 10 at night. Due to the demand it was opened 24 hours. After 10 means self service. Its my bedtime. My locker was always opened at night. Take what you want and leave the money. The customers were quite honest though.
So morning morning after bath I will kira akaun. All tally with a few IOUs. Ahmad Reza was the nasty customer who don't follow the rule. He will wake me up as early as 2pm for maggie, make payment and off he goes. No wonder our junior nickname me 'budak bilik gelap.' hmm