Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missing Persons last seen in .......

Mrs Tan in Australia?
Murtaza Musa in USA?
Naha in Kuantan, recently found
Sawiyah in Jitra, recently found
Lee meow Choon in Bukit Gambir, recently found
Syed salleh in UK?
Iqbal Husin in Canada?
Chuah in Singapore?
Saabana Sarijan in KL?

If you do come across this site, do call/sms anyone of us (Telephone number on the right column,under 'Class Roll'), or email me

1 comment:

nor'aini said...

bro z,
murtaza musa tu..orang serom muar kan..?? dia memang di usa..may be u can contact his older brother..a mas pilot...mohammad bin musa