Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In front of Mrs Tan's House Kluang 5-12-1975

In front of Mrs Tan's House, Sunrise Park before our last MCE paper, AM II before she was transfered to Penang, following her Doctor husband. Mrs Tan is a very good graduate teacher from Australia. I remember that some of us love Biology because of her.

There were many 'embarrasing and blushing' moments for gals when she touches the subject on sex, reproduction system, the birds and the bees etc etc. Of course most of us boys love the topic and there were many group discussions about it later on ! :D I am sure we are all experts on this subject by now ! he he. :D

I think most of us scored in this Biology subject. The last we heard she migrated to Australia and she must be in her mid 50's by now. Anybody knows her full name? Maybe we can do a search and try to track her.

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