Monday, June 23, 2008

Hair cut day 3-3-76

The four of us were 'caught' during hair inspection in Lower Six, and the warden 'graciously and lovingly' forced trim our hair. From left, Yaacob Hitam, Burn, and Mahat. I was informed that Mahat pass away tragically during an outing at Gunong Ledang when he was in UPM (correct me if I am wrong). Alfatihah to arwah Mahat............

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j said...

Not Mahat but Maat. Maat bin Sadari. Remember that Bob Tutupoli's song that IBJ like to sing...Ku SADARI siapa diriku ini.

Yes. He was not engaged to our junior but rather to a Parit Sulong girl. Same college I guess.

Ahh! Idris Kaparawi informed me of his fate.