Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Malam Amal SMSJ pada 28 Mei 2010

What a night. Everything went smoothly, my praise and admiration to Tok Mad and gang who made the malam amal smsj a successful and memorable one. Zainal Alam the compere, in his usual chatty self, perform the role perfectly with many remarks of a bygone days. Importantly, we got the Rm 300,000 for the surau.

Rugi siapa yang tak datang, walhal kebanyakan rakan tinggal disekitar Kuala Lumpur. Puas saya menalifon, tapi hanya 6 rakan 5E1 yang hadir Ghizan, brahim, nordin, keyno, faridah) . Yang lagi teruk 5E2, yang datang hanya Arip Kasmo dan Hamzah Harith. Dari 5M, yang hadir Dr Adib, Dr Omar Emran. Dr Ibrahim Mokti, Md Shah, Idris Takyan dan Paimin Kasimon. Dari form 6, ada mimi, hassan adly dan rosli. Surprisingly, Nordin came all the way from Segamat while Azman, yang promised to come, tak nampak batang hidung!. Batch 77, 78 dan 79 yang memenuhi kebanyakan meja. Unsurprisingly because 5 years of their life were there in SMSJ and the affiliation and bondage to the school and friends were still very strong.

I have not met many of them since our SMSJ days. That is more than 35 years ago, a very very long time. I brought group pictures taken in 1974 and 1975, just in case i have forgotten their faces. Juniors came to our table to introduce themselves, and we have to ask them to pinpoint their faces in the old pictures. Gosh, they are all nearly 47 to 48 years young now, and from the pictures they were barely 12 or 13!. Of course many have grown big, i.e sideways and we would not have recognised them if we were to meet on the streets.

Without me knowing, my second brother Zainal(77, now GM proton), my sister in law Salmah(79, teacher), third brother Zulkiflee(80, Consultant) came too. My fourth brother Zaidi (81,Architect) was away on a business trip to Japan. So, including me the four of us were from SMSJ including one sister in law. Surprisingly Cikgu Jalil was there too. Ex students crowded him and he seems to enjoy the limelight that night.

Nordin called me earlier and ask me whether we need to dress up for the occasion? I told him to wear our form five clothing! Hehe. Nordin is still cool as a cucumber, only the white moustache gave away his age. After 35 years, he seems to be fit and still slim as ever.

I take my hat off to Nora and Faridah as both are single mothers who have kids on tow. I know it is not easy to manage a household with kids to bring up single handedly. Nora is slimmer than her form five days, even after having five kids! Would you like to share your secrets with us? Faridah is now staying in kampong melayu subang and does not commute from Malacca anymore. She still cannot remember many classmates so we have to jog her memories!

Dr Adib brought her sporting husband that night. Actually we did not realised Adib because of the tudung, but once when we were comfortable, the chit chatting goes non stop. Nice to see you, Adib and you still look the same as in 1975, and thanks for the form five M2 photo that I have been searching high and low! Dr Omar Emran now is working in Ampang doing alternative treatments. Dr Ibrahim Mokti, embraced me when we met, he is an orthopedic surgeon working in JB and he does not look a day over 30? I have met Idris Takyan and Paimin before but meeting Md Shah was very unexpected. We were staying in the same dorm in 1974 and I am glad he has done well in life and working as a computer analyst in Pos Malaysia.

The junior girls keep on coming to meet Nora and Faridah, and my goodness, most have all gone big!! I have some pictures of them which i will post later. Cikgu Hamzah (former HM) was there too and probably he is in his 60's.

The luckiest guy must be Prof Ghizan, as he won a 3 day four person trip to Bali in the lucky draw. Just imagine, out of the 600 attendees, the Timbalan Menteri pick up his number!!! If you need a friend to accompany you to Bali, I am always available !!!

Prof Ghizan and Prof Ibrahim our 12 year Dekan Pharmacy Faculty UKM is still as affable, as pleasant and as friendly as before. I am sure one day they would helm their respective university. Kak Mimi, our form six sister was there too. The years have been kind to her and she still look young.

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