Monday, June 21, 2010

Dari sahabat yang tinggi makam..........

I guess there is not a single day in my life hoping and yearning to be there in Mekah and Madinah. With this current take home pay and family commitment...I don't think I will be able to save enough money to go anywhere. My life chart is like the yo-yo swing. I have been at the top and I guess the biggest sin might be owing a mercedes car to show off to everybody during my young age. My lowest might be having a pay of RM5 per day. Since hardship in life is part of khazanah di Lauh Mahfuz and we are forbidden to disclose it to the public, I guess you have to accept what I am telling you is the truth.
You might ask me how I manage to pull through raising a family with that pay? My answer is...I don't know. There is always people helping from every where and at times it is embarrassing...damn bloody ego. So what did I get in return from all this for the better and worse? I guess a better understanding of god ways. In life it is crucial for us to understand god and not the other way round. It will be foolish to assume that god does not know what we need...the creator of all things. Yet that is the case.
In our doa we tend to plead to the extend of dictating what we want. God is no santa claus or Alladin's genie. If he gave, he has given it for a cause and if he denied your doa, that too was done for a cause. Any which way your doa has been answered. Prophet Ibrahim's doa was answered eighty years later. Prophet Noh's doa was answered two hundred years later...pergh. The point is we have to understand god. How? Of course through ILMU. As Zai said...we are currently using the subsidy part of our life...yet we are tossing here and there sober searching for contentment.
Prayers was only done as a normal ritual in Islamic life...nothing more or less. There is no feel in prayers after years of praying or any ibadah for that matter. So what went wrong? Yep... we have done all those things without knowledge or ILMU. Our Malay ulamak clearly define knowledge as .... ILMU itu mampu menjaga seseorang itu daripada maksiat sedangkang PENGETAHUAN itu tidak. looks like the same right? Wrong... We have two student pursuing the same course in Islamic knowledge in a University. Both obtained a gets ILMU and the other gets KNOWLEDGE. So how to draw a line between these two? Of course the intention or niat.
Look at the article posted by Zai. What a mockery... Tidakkah puncak ugama itu adalah akhlak / budi perkerti yang mulia? There is no sense in the argument at all if just for a miserable passion for driving. Even worse still a stupid dumb dumb who denied the rights of the ladies just for the sake of ego. There is a hadis refraining women from driving and I sincerely think the person concerned should revolved the argument around that hadis rather than putting the matter into a deeper shit.
Talking about ILMU...first of all you have to have a GURU...a MURSHID that can carve a better you and show you the way. Read about all the saintly person from books and you will noticed that all of them have GURU. I am trying to give you a crash course to find a GURU as I think life for us all now is too short. Remember Yut was once a tutor to Tahir? I bet Yut was trying her level best to make Tahir the best student in her class...down loading all her knowlegde into Tahir's brain. Once too many I guess it did cross her mind to give Tahir a tight slap for not understanding the subject in which to her was just chicken feed.
The feelings is the same here except for giving all those tight slaps. The primary concern is for you all to get that tutor or guru. First make a HAJAT prayer and recites selawat as many as you can asking god for a guru. It saves alot of trouble of travelling here and there, going up and down the mountains just to search for a guru. You will get malaria in the worst scenario. So just do the solat and wait. There are alot of kitabs to be read and learned from these gurus that normal religious teacher cannot teach you.
The fekah's books and the tauhid's books are a requirement for everybody. Don't let anybody fooled you on that issue. The books that you should really concentrate are the tasauf books. I have the fortune to 'khatam' the mild tasauf book AL Hikam twice. Once with Tuan Guru Haji Abdullah Sijang which took me six years and the second time with Ustaz Dzulkefli AL Bakri which took me almost three years. There alot of hard core tasauf books such as Darul Nafis, Kasyiful Asrar, Baharul Ulum etc.etc. These three books each took me sixteen years or more to 'khatam'...pergh. The weird arabic language translated to weird Malay language was painstakingly explained by the guru...word for word.
I can remember walking off from kitab Darul Nafis study back those days as I taught the explaination given by the guru was crazy. The difficult part in tasauf is to interpret what you learn to be apply in your everyday life. It maybe difficult to comprehend the subject and it is even difficult to apply it in you everyday life. That is the reason you see that some people attending the same tasauf subject over and over again. I have met an elderly who has 'khatam' certain books for six and seven times. But friend.. I believe, with your brain I bet you all can comprehend better. So...I have spent a long time studying far ahead than you. Does that mean I am better if you all started later? No...the rate of understanding ILMU totally lies in God.
For what purpose is all this brain bashing study for? To attain esteem character...Is it so important? Yes...the primary reason why Prophet Mohamad was sent to us. Allah has the highest esteem character and no one can enter into his court without an esteem character.
Hoi...hoi paham tak ni? Kang aku nangis kang...

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