Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cikgu Jalil monkeying with 5th formers 1975

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Bakar,Saadon,Sim,Rosli,Teo,Yaakob,yusof hamid,maat,Cikgu Jalil,Hamzah,Kheriah,Yahya,Salleh,Favira,Razak,Rashid,xx

Cikgu Jalil is an interesting character, you either love him or loathe him. Students like him intensely or not at all, impressed by his self effacing charm, or put off by a brashness bordering on arrogance. Students will always look up to their master and in SMSJ, the teachers were our masters. Most teachers in SMSJ were single and fresh graduates from the University. As their work includes extracurricular activities, intermingling with fellow students were the norm.

Cikgu Jalil teaches Geography in a unique way. I'd be lying if i say i do not like his way of teaching. Who can forget when he ask us fifth formers to do a case study on the socio-economy of our kampong during our term break?. That was the last term break, a few months before the MCE 1975 exams. Me and Mat Ridza had to interview farmers, fishermen, and even policemen? We went to the Balai to get information on the number of death, detainees, reports and what not. We went to see the Penghulu and interviewed him. Finally we got the case study done, bind it and submit to him on time. Being barely 17, it was a proud moment when we completed the mini thesis. I think Dato' Mat ridza can testify to that.

Cikgu Jalil insisted we include the case study that we have done when answering the geography exam papers. I did that, and most probably the examiner who corrected my papers, either think I am bonkers or a genius!! Heck, i scored A1 in Geography!.

Being single and virile!! ( yes, studies have shown that bald men produce more testosterone hormones and so are more virile), he is not short of admirers. When we were all 17, you'll notice that the girls were more mature than the boys. You will notice that with your kids too. What I am trying to say, the girls were more mature in trying to find love while the boys were just kidding and playing around.

Some teacher treat certain girl with extra preferential treatment, and the girl cave-in due to her teenage vulnerabilities and emotional brittleness. I will not duel on this issue/incident, as it is a well kept 35 year open secret!. Let the story comes from the horses mouth. It has become a bone of contention for some friends!

Cikgu Jalil became a lecturer in UPSI since then and now he is retired. I met him once in Low Yat Plaza a few years back and he still recognised me after all this years.

Cikgu Jalil if you read this, please drop a comment!

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