Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to Utusan Melayu Publication, KL 21-06-1975

This is a classic photo. The boys were wearing jeans while the gals in their school uniforms. I still remember the Amco Jean that cost my father a fortune at that time! Nordin and Ghizan look smart and macho! Tengok our belt buckle zaman dulu, hehe.
Soyah tersengeh aje while Yut in very serious mood!

Now even if you pay me Rm1000, I will not go to Utusan's office, for obvious reasons. haha.

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joe said...

If you look at Nordin, I think he has not change much. Except for the eyes though. But Zai, that trousers you were wearing I still can recall. I have never worn blue jeans before and I asked you for that pair. Kind heartedly you gave it to me. Little did I know you took my new Levis brown jeans in exchange. Aiya...