Friday, August 8, 2008

The Time Tunnel

Let me take you all a trip down memory lane to year 1966. Most of us were 8 year old then and in standard 2 . The confrontation (konfrontasi) with Indonesia had just ended and England won the Football World Cup. TV was only recently introduce and films were mostly in black and white. There was one series that really stuck into me until now - The Time Tunnel. As an 8 year old kid, i would always be in front of the TV, Wednesday evening to watch the Time Tunnel. Time Tunnel really fired my imagination at that time.

If some of you can't remember, let me recap the storyline.....

Doug and Tony; what guys! Two happy heroes who roamed through history punching out everyone in sight in very well choreographed slug-fests that took them to such far flung settings as Troy, the Alamo,the Titanic and even the Moon. A teenage adrenalin rush of epic proportions, Robert Colbert and James Darren gave us 30 action packed hours between 1966 & 1967 and for this we must be grateful. We knew it was all implausible nonsense but what sublime nonsense.

As the season progressed, our heroes entered into a gunfight with Billy the Kid, searched for Tony's father during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, fought in the War of 1812, become imprisoned on Devil's island, and landed on the scene at General Custer's last stand. By mid-season, more far-out plotlines found Tony and Doug rescuing Ann from futuristic kidnappers, fighting space aliens in 1885, and following a criminal through several centuries into a beehive of the future.

The series ended in 1967 after 30 episodes. Although there were other good series like Sea Hunt and Land of the Giants, personally to me, the Time Tunnel is still the best TV series until now. For those of you who missed the 30 episodes, a company in the US is selling it in DVD format. Try to google and order online.

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