Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some 5E2 friends...............

Good to hear from Saabana and Halina. A breeze of fresh air, is the least i could describe the writings from both of you. I am sure many are bored already with me and azman's expression of opinions and remarks so far. Can we have a gust of fresh air from other friends too? Thirty five years on, it is still never too late to say hello. We are in our early fifties (some say into the 5 series) and most are now into the comfort zone, resting on their laurels and have time to kill. If you want to wait till you are into your 6 series, when you retire, then i am sure many will not be able to appreciate your thoughts and writings, as some of us might kick the bucket earlier! hehe

Halina, we hope more will be added into our growing email listing. Even though you are from 5E2, we still treat you as one of ours. We share together the comradeship during the two years in SMSJ, whereas the memory and nostalgia are still fresh in our mind, either good or bad. The guys in 5E2 were our close friends too. I still have contacts among your 5E2 classmates:

1. Yazid Atan. (0178899861)

Who can forget this sycophantic and hilarious guy, having an IQ just below that of Einstein? Who can forget his high pitch shrieking shouting on top of his voice every morning at the dormitory, akin to Tarzan in heat, calling Jane during the mating season? His shrieking could be heard even up to the Headmaster's house. HM tried to quiz us who the culprit was, but our mouth were all sealed. One day he ambushed Yazid at his dorm and he was caught doing the act. His punishment was to circumambulate the new football field beside the male hostel, running bare footed, on mimosa and all. After the ordeal, Yazid can still smile wryly towards us and never regrets his action. He never stops shrieking even after that, and i guess HM gave-up on him. We were puzzled why he likes to shriek, some thinking that it clears his mucus and phlegm. My theory is that he was practicing to be a rock singer. I hope one day when i meet him, I'll get the answer straight from the horse's mouth.

I met Yazid during our A Level days and he still look and behave as crazy as before. He was wearing an earring on one ear ( in UK wearing earrings on both ears signify a gaiety behavior) and closest to being a John Bon Jovi lookalike. Anyhow after that we lost contact, until now.

Dr. Ariff Kasmo met him recently, and I am glad to inform you, that Yazid is now a Haji, and the president of his Residential Association in Petaling Jaya. He is running a thriving IT business and doesn't wear any earrings. People do change for the better.............Takbir.

2. Dr. Ariff Kasmo (0173164928).

Ariff is teaching in UKM and i met him recently at my office. After all these years, sorry to say (!!!) , Ariff's strong Javanese accent is still there. haha. He is doing a fantastic dakwah work, giving lectures on topics about Islam and Science. He is a much sought after Dakwah speaker, and i think he will not disappoint you if you invite him to give lectures at your office and surau/masjid. Ariff is in our mailing list, so Ariff, please respond whether what I have said is true.

3. Abu Bakar 'Burn' (0123115078)

When we did our A levels, we were 'dispersed' throughout the British Isles. Ariff and Norizan were in Blackpool, Yazid in Cheltenham, myself in Hastings while Bakar in Oxford. During one of the spring holidays, i went to Bakar's place in Oxford. As you know, Oxford is one of the major University towns in UK, and being placed in Oxford College to do A levels was a privilege in itself. But surprisingly, many Malay students fell to the temptations of the flesh, with many becoming dropouts. Of course Bakar was not one of them.

In Oxford, one of the past time was to "PUTT", i.e 'putting' a small canoe like boat along the many canals using long poles to push the boat forward. It was quite an experience, as we 'putt' through the numerous canals where nudist camps were abound. We were more shy than the nudist , as Bakar and me 'putt' very vigorously passing the nudist camp, looking the other way (if you believe that, you also believe that Michael Jackson is still alive haha) and laughing uncontrollably. Those were the days......

Bakar did his Computer studies in Brighton, and we met a few times in Kelana Jaya, as his sister is my neighbour. Recently his sister told me that Bakar is now into the 'arts'. He is now taking up canvas painting as a hobby and now paints until the cow comes home!

4. Hamzah Harith (034392200, 0192189141)

Hamzah was one of the rugger stars in the school rugby team. He is tall, fair and handsome, and a very quiet guy. He called me recently just to say hello as he is doing some maintenance work in UIAM. He is doing business in fixing fixed telephone line and a sub contractor to TM.

5. Yaakob Hitam.

Yaakob hails from Buluh Kasap Segamat and now a contractor doing landscaping works.

to be continued........................

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