Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Note from Halina Khamsan 5E2

Assalamualaikum to all my friends in 5E1.

I have been a silent reader and a follower of all your mails to your classmates.Through reading these mails, it strikes me that all of you are the lucky few who are given the opportunities by Allah to still be in contact with each other even after 35 years you have left school.

Although I was not in the same class as all of you I could still share the joy and excitement of being in touch after all these years. Last year I went to Kuantan for a course and managed to contact Nahariah by using the hp number listed in Zack's blog. We talked briefly,unfortunately we could not meet.

I tried tracing the 5E2 students, my classmates and praise to Allah, I managed to trace Shamsinar, thanks again to Zack.The rest I could not track them. A few years ago Rashid Mustafa lived opposite my house in BP but he moved in 1990 to Muar and we have lost contact since then.

To Kak Idah, Yut, Keyno and Izan ( or should I call Keyno and Izan, Dr now) we shared moments especially during prep time in the afternoon then and the memories of those days are still vividly remembered. Just like the lyrics of the song-Memories,maybe beautiful and yet what's too painful to remember,we simply choose to forget.

I too have chosen to forget the painful memories of my stay in SMSJ and simply remember the beautiful ones with all of you and our other friends. lastly,all your mails are one of the things that I look forward to whenever I reach home from school before doing the chores and cooking for my beloved.Though I may not have any for the 5E2s in your group, permit me to be their representative.

To all 1975 batch of SMSJ students, all of you are my friends,just like the stars, we may not always see them,but we always know that they are there.

Have a very nice day, Assalamualaikum-Halina


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