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Saabana Smsj Rugby story.............

Salam everybody!

Hi Guys! Went through the emails and comments. Well, I am still the same old Saabana who is used to be referred as "bana" but now people call me "shah". I was one of the shortest guy in the class but now I have grown a bit taller and wider. Maybe a bit tamer than during those schooldays especially when harassing the wardens and the chief warden(Cik Gu Rahman).

A spy? Not really Joe. Just happened to be in the "inner circle" but I bolted out. Therefore, still carrying those scars from those deeds.

Joe, your reminiscence of your last day at SMSJ is similar to mine.

I was one of the few of us who attended form 6 at SMSJ before being pack to overseas. During the last few days at SMSJ I was still playing rugby for the school. The last rugby match for me was against our arch enemy Kluang English School at their ground. The game was played very ferociously . Every time the ball was in play we started punching and hacking each other. Those fellows broke my front tooth and blood was dripping from my mouth to my white jersey, The game was abandoned when we started fighting instead of playing the game and both supporters joining in the melee. Fortunately, their headmaster and our assistant principal (Cik Gu Ibrahim..I guess) were there to diffused the situation.

On the ride home, I was shaking not out of fear but wanted revenge. When we reached our school, Cik Gu Ibrahim was waiting for us. Oh God! Not another scolding....but surprise....he was praising us for fighting back the dirty tactics of our opponents. He shook my hand and patted my back. I feel so proud and feel like in the seven heaven that when two junior girls (forgot their name) volunteered to washed my bloodied jersey , I declined the offer.

The next day we have our practise for a rematch for the abandoned game and a revenged match for me. The rematch was to be held the following week and I was prepared for the “revenge” match. Unfortunately it does not happened to me because in a few days time I have to report to MARA for orientation at UM before flying to US. I pleaded to my captain..Bro Zamri and the couch Cik Gu Yunus to allow me to play my last game for SMSJ. They told me that the Headmaster forbid me to play because I might got injured seriously and I have to be in UM for the orientation.

I was sad and disheartened. I packed my belongings, said goodbye and walked with a heavy hearts and red eyes to Kluang Bas Station during the match day. About two weeks later I was in Reno, Nevada, USA and till today I don’t know the result of the game.

A bientot....



This from Azman Joe............


Z dan everybody yang attended the mini gathering, sorry I can't make
it that day. My wife's cousin passed away that day and I have to
attend the funeral after zohor in Seremban. Hari tu kerja jugak... as
usual come rain or shine. Wah! Mustaza really change. I should say
prosper. Saabana masih macam tu. Tak banyak berubah. His eyes tells me
that he has a lot of secrets. Hmm... jadi spy ke?

Anyway, kita semuanya dah banyak berubah physically. Bila dah berjumpa
rasanya kita macam masih di SMSJ lagi. When I came to SMSJ in year
1976 for form 6, I was shocked to find out that there were only 11
students. I can remember Hamzah Harith was there but the rest of the
students I dah tak ingat. The first week kat SMSJ, takda buat apa2.
Kelas form 6 masa tu kat kelas 5M2. Bilik hostel kat top floor
opposite the surau. Most of the window panes were missing.

Everytime lalu kat kelas 5E1 I could almost see all of your faces
there. It really leaves a hole in my heart. After 3 weeks staying I
guess I cannot take it anymore so one fine morning I met the HM and
informed him that I wanted to leave school. HM tak boleh buat apa -
apa. I packed my things into my yellow bag and walked off to town. I
can remember the juniors and my form 6 classmates looking at me with
sad eyes as I ascended the hill.

Back home in Parit Sulong, my mother was shocked but she undestands. I
was lucky as later on an offer letter from ITM came. Since then, I
will always try to track you all. Kadang - kadang lalu depan rumah
atau kawasan kampung. In year 1988, I sampai kat Sg. Mati Muar. Dengar
khabarnya Lee Meow Chun kerja kat situ. I waited lama kat depan
sekolah tapi takda guts nak singgah.

Lalu Serom 5 (baru dapat tahu Mustaza stays at Serom 3) in case
terserempak dengan Mustaza. Terus ke kedai Hussien store di Muar
kalau - kalau terjumpa Iqbal. Passed Iqbal's house and then to Tahir
and lastly to Ahmad Redza's house in Parit Jawa. The thing that I want
to say is ' I really missed you all and words cannot describe the

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Chanced to this website and tabik spring to my super duper seniors. great class photo and heck, Mr Paul Francis' mane was still gnarly. Loved the rugby stories, let it be known that your efforts didnt end up in vain. SMSJ went on to be a powerhouse in rugby and in the early 90s SMSJ was even national champions, winning the champion schools tournament beating all and sundry including SAS, RMC, SMSS etc. Although the standards have been sliding of late, there is always hope that we will gain national prominence once again. Kudos to abang2 and kakak2 who paved the way for us, we salute you! (and you guys make me feel young.. haha!) aag smsj 83-87