Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mini reunion with old buddies at Subang Parade 1 August 2009

Murtaza, his Mrs and Tahir Othman.

Saabana Sarijan was my Parit Jamil primary school, High School Muar and SMSJ mate (a span of 45 years!). He is a man of many talents and still as chatty as ever.

From left, Murtaza, his wife, A.Aziz Isa, HZHO, Dato' Ahmad Reza and Tahir. This was our first meeting with Murtaza after nearly 30 years. How time flies..........

We had a mini reunion with me, Tahir, Dato' Ahmad Reza, Saabana, Murtaza & wife and A. Aziz Isa (former classmate in High School Muar) at Secret Recipe Subang Parade 1 august 2009. It was organise in haste as our friend Murtaza musa and his charming wife had a tight schedule with only a few days in KL as they will be flying back to US on the 10th of August. So I manage to contact those staying nearby Subang Jaya and Saabana, who I have not met since 1976, graciously join in later.

Murtaza migrated to Phoenix USA in 1994 and is still working with Motorola. They had two kids and the eldest is now 26 years old. We exchanged old stories although our memory banks at times failed us! Not surprising, well, we are all now middle aged and nobody can blame us for our memory lapse.

Tahir is still as handsome as before and the years has been kind to him. He now produces TV dramas and advertisement in a local firm. Ahmad Reza look like a typical Dato' and is currently having a thriving ID business in Kajang. Saabana is as chatty since I knew him back in 1965. Murtaza is still his old self and still very cool. We were together in High School Muar (1971) up to SMSJ.

Although we look different now, with the extended waist line, receding hairlines, glistening white hair, salt n' pepper moustaches and wisdom lines, all does not matter when the warmness of friendship exude between us !!

During the short pioneering stint in SMSJ, we enjoyed our time there because we were like a big family. We were taught many life's precious lessons and it left us with wonderful memories and many ties.

Hopefully the next gathering, more friends can join in, probably after Raya. I am suggesting we meet at the club house restaurant beside Putra Jaya lake, as the place is very cozy.

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