Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Primary school pics

Std 3 Blue 1967
Back row (L to R)
Ali Long,Teo Poy Yeong,Lim Ann Beng,Lin Chin Chai,Khairuzzaman Malek,Ng Gen Seng,Hoi Seng,Poh Boon Chuan,Baharuddin Hamzah,Koh Hwa Siang,Yusof Sulaiman,Md Khir Maskan,Kong Kok Kwang,xx

Centre row (L to R)
xx,Norliah,Jawahir,Halimah,Soh Swat lee,Habibah,Kamariah,Eng Kek Kek,Abd Rahman Mahfoz

Front row (L to R)
me,Allauddin,Azman, Saabana Sarijan

Picture taken infront of old school building (now demolished), Parit Jamil Muar in 1967. List of names written at the back of the photo. Me and Saabana goes back a long time from Std. One 1965! (43 years), Halimah in Risda and still working in Muar, Jawahir a teacher, Yusof in USM (Phd), Rahman(classmate until Univ days) still in Kampong, Md Khir Maskan, a Contractor in Bangi. The rest I have lost contact.


Saabana said...

Dear Zack. ( Zai as I known you since 1965)

Those pictures do bring back all the memories between us….from our early years trying to figure out the ABC and 123 up to the calculus and thermodynamic.

Wow!! that is some 11 years of intertwining life and hard learning..

Weird….two of us are really poles apart…I am just the playful and always mess-up with the teachers and the school rules and regulation. I guess that the way I am….up to my university undergraduate day. The only serious studies I done was for the two years finishing my master degree….got to finish my 30 credit hours, my thesis and maintain a B average.

Well buddy, actually I owed u one big time…….with all the hoopla of me running the school upside down at least you keep me in good perspective. I am just like a drunk sailor slipping from his ship at night. The only guide for the sailor is the flicking light from the shore. What I came through with the Assessment test of standard 5, LCE an MCE is the flicking light that make the drunk sailor sober. That light is you. Thousand thank mate!
Cheerio.. and wasalam…….Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya to all you folks

Saabana Sarijan

Note: Lim Ann Beng is an accountant and now run his own IT company. He has a branch in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Ayo yo Abang Haji,

How do manage to keep those pix well? Those pix certainly remind me to some of the teachers Gan, Martina, Lee, Lim, Chua, Ng and Ali Lahuri... Arghh I cannot remember the rest nor the other female teachers in the pix.

I have been told that Cikgu Ali runs a food court between Pt Nipah and Pt Kangkong. If you have spent 11 years with Saabana, we have spent 10 years in these three schools. Ring a bell siapa orang Pt Nipah yang menulis ini?